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Medical Pay Per Click Services & Behavioral Targeting

Effective, Experienced, Comprehensive Paid Marketing Campaigns Using Traditional Approaches Along With Big Data Behavioral Intelligence

Pay per click services offered with US Lead Network include setup and management of paid advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. In addition, the latest behavioral targeting using Big Data is used to narrow down to your ideal audience and market to them on multiple platforms.

Pay Per Click Management – Google, Bing, Yahoo

US Lead Network does not just setup your pay per click services and then monitor the “basics”. That’s one of the biggest mistakes made by amateurs who perform pay per click services.

Google Adwords is complicated and offers tools to really maximize your ROI. For example, our expert PPC specialists monitor conversions on campaigns by using conversion tracking codes and call tracking tools. In addition, Google now offers ad extensions including structured snippets, call outs and phone number click to call.

Did you know your bid can be increased on mobile devices for certain keywords, or you can also increase bids if potential customers are close to your location, or at certain times of the day to increase conversion? We do! These may be extremely effective at helping to fill empty appointment slots.

Bing controls 20% of the search market, and clicks usually cost about 40% less than Google. So the clicks may convert well and be more cost effective. Our experts can easily convert campaigns back and forth and optimize both.

Our certified pay per click experts will monitor your campaigns regularly and truly prevent you from spending unnecessarily by optimizing with negative keywords, bidding changes, etc.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin

Social media advertising has become effective and has a cost per click that is much less than the search engines. Facebook offers several marketing options including branding, lead generation and pay per click campaigns.

The Facebook marketing experts at US Lead Network optimize campaigns with A/B testing, dayparting, bidding optimization along with creative copy. Our team regularly uses both custom audiences AND look alike audiences to maximize the ROI for each campaign. Conversion tracking is also implemented routinely.

Paid advertising is now very complicated, and should be handled by experts who will more than save you money above and beyond a management fee. For most campaigns we revise, our team saves clients over 30% on spend while obtaining more conversions than ever!

Big Data Advertising with Behavioral Intelligence

The last few years have produced more data online than the past 20 years before. Unfortunately, most of that data is not in a structured format. That means it is not able to be evaluated by a traditional statistical analysis.

Now we have new evaluation tools that are able to evaluate this unstructured data, which may include Facebook/Twitter postings, blogs, Linkedin, Reddit, really any online sources that are discussing the services you offer, or your practice or competitors.

It’s one thing to cull the data, and another entirely to be able to turn it into “actionable” marketing campaigns. New tools US Lead Network has make it possible to piece together the ideal candidates for your practice, where they are (physically and online), their interests, etc.

Armed with this information, we implement marketing campaigns that start out much smarter than a shotgun approach. While these campaigns take longer on the front end to devise, the ROI is higher with a lower cost per patient acquisition!

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