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US Lead Network’s lead generation campaigns are Pay-for-Performance based. If we do not generate qualified leads for your practice, you do not owe any monies. US Lead Network maintains and builds branded websites for clients, along with directory websites, Dental SEOto generate leads for clients.

The websites are owned by US Lead Network, including the phone numbers and domains. Depending on the engagement, the website can become exclusive to the client for branding and lead generation, with all of the leads going to the practice. The phone number will be forwarded to your practice directly, unless the campaign reaches a threshold and the Network will hire an answering service if desired.

The Startup Cost to become a client is $1. There are no maintenance fees or base charges unless pre-arranged. US Lead Network pays for all of its marketing costs, including pay per click, Press Releases, and maintains a staff of SEO professionals.

The only fees charged to clients are for the Qualified Leads generated (unless otherwise arranged up-front). The Contract signed by the client is on a month to month basis as a default unless otherwise agreed to. The Terms of Service are on the USLeadNetwork.net website with a link on the Join Network page.

Leads come by way of three methods. The first is phone calls that go through the tracking number and are routed directly to your practice. There is no middleman or answering service unless otherwise agreed to. The calls are recorded with notification to the caller.Internet Marketing Medical
The second way leads come in is through Live Chat. Most sites incorporate Live Chat, and those leads are sent immediately to the client with the transcript and contact information.

The third method is by emails. There are contact forms on the websites, and when those are received they immediately go to the client as well. What ever email address(es) are provided from the client, that is where they go.

Phone call leads are routed to your office in real time unless otherwise arranged. We have an answering service if necessary (additional fees apply). Emails and Live Chats go directly to the email addresses provided by the client right away.

The phone call recordings are provided weekly to clients on a spreadsheet. The call date, time, caller ID, length of call and a link to hear the recording is all in the spreadsheet. The best browser to hear the calls is Mozilla Firefox.SEO for Dentists

If the hyperlink to the calls is not working, US Lead can send the spreadsheet with regular URL’s in the column to copy and paste to hear the calls. The recordings are great for Quality Assurance purposes at the office too.

There are 2 components to patient acquisition: 1) Getting the Lead and 2) Getting the  patient to show up. US Lead Network has control over marketing and generating phone calls, emails, and live chats. That is when the practice will need to “pick up the ball and run with it.” We do not have programs that are “pay per patient” due to Federal regulations.

A charged lead constitutes a contact from an individual interested in the products or services being provided. This may also be a contact from another practice sending over a prospective patient. If it has the potential to result in a new patient, that constitutes a lead. A Call under 30 seconds with no contact information being provided does not constitute a lead.

The initial qualification setup is important as it allows US Lead to screen leads. If the practice only wants self pay leads, insurance leads do not count and vice versa. Solicitors, existing patients, repeat callers and vendors obviously do not count.

Every qualified lead may not result in a patient. That is reflected in the price point where the lead fees have been set. It may take 2-3 leads to acquire a patient, which makes the service well worth the price per lead.

US Lead is reasonable with refund requests, however, it is VERY expensive to generate leads so those requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

Lead costs are industry dependent, ranging from $30 to $300.

Payments are made weekly with receipts and lead files being emailed to the client. US SEO for DoctorsLead Network has a secure credit card system that maintains the client credit card information, and it runs in Secure Mode using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt all communication data.

US Lead Network was founded by David Greene, MD, MBA. As a previous owner of a pain clinic in Phoenix, AZ, 80% of patient acquisition was obtained online. All of these same online marketing ethical techniques are used for clients to generate leads. His biography is on the parent website, USLeadNetwork.net.

US Lead Network does work with clients on website design/revision and fixed fee internet marketing campaigns. To discuss these options, please call (877) 791-6466.

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