Online Reputation Management For Apartment Communities

For apartment communities, attracting and retaining reliable tenants is crucial.

In the past, this often meant offering great amenities, keeping rental rates reasonable, and staying on top of maintenance. However, things have changed a bit. In addition to the day-to-day tasks, apartment communities must also carefully monitor their online reputations.

The way in which apartment communities handle reputation management is just as crucial as the customer service they provide. The reality is that things do happen. No one is perfect. From time to time, even the best apartment community will have a dissatisfied resident. Unfortunately, the management at most communities handles the problem by offering some type of compensation and an apology.

Residents are continually judging apartment communities on everything from website glitches to service failures.

Not only do residents make judgments based on the way the apartment community handles the problem but also on the community’s willingness to ensure such problems do not occur in the future. When it comes to resident satisfaction, there is a lot on the line, including rental renewals.

While that is certainly important enough, what residents have to say about an apartment community online can have a significant impact on the community’s reputation. On the surface, this approach might seem as though it would be sufficient, but it’s not. It actually does nothing to address the underlying issue, such as why the problem originally occurred.

Furthermore, it practically ensures that such issues will continue, resulting in further complaints.

When that happens, it also virtually guarantees that residents will take their complaints online. Prospective tenants are incredibly savvy. When looking for a new apartment, prospective tenants are highly likely to check out review sites and see what current and previous tenants have said about an apartment community.

Most people understand that not everyone is going to be happy, but if a prospective tenant sees a large number of complaints, some of which have not been addressed, he or she is more likely to check out the competition.

Reputation Management Can Be Time Consuming

Property managers often recognize the importance of online reputation management, but the task can be exhaustive and time consuming. On average, a property manager could easily spend an hour each day responding to reviews and monitoring social posts. That is just for one property. Handling online reputation management for multiple properties could take hours per day. This is exactly why it’s so easy for complaints to go unnoticed and unaddressed.

Even so, reputation management is critical to the success of an apartment community. In many ways, it’s the community’s online curb appeal. Comments and reviews on social media sites and review sites may well be the first introduction a prospective tenant has to an apartment community. If a prospective tenant sees a bad review online, he or she won’t even visit the property. In the event the company failed to respond to a complaint or other type of feedback online, the consumer has no choice but to draw their own conclusions.

Save Time, Money, and Effort

Our reputation management services for apartment communities helps to automate many necessary tasks, helping to save time, effort, and money. By trusting us with your online reputation management needs, you need never worry about how prospective tenants will perceive your community online.

We can assist you in staying on top of new reviews as they are posted while also responding to anything that is said about your apartment community.

Fill Vacancies and Keep Tenants Happy

Ultimately, great reviews online will help to fill your properties faster. It’s no secret that an empty unit costs your property money each day it remains vacant. Our services help prospective tenants find your property faster by ensuring that your business listings are accurate and complete.

You never have to worry that someone who could have been a tenant will scroll past your listing because it’s incomplete or has a low rating. With our online reputation management services, you can also improve tenant satisfaction by collecting constructive feedback to streamline property management, improve employee training, and ensure that your property is delivering stellar customer service.

The bottom line is that when managing an apartment community, you simply cannot afford to not invest in online reputation management services.