Online Reputation Management For Dentists

Dentist Online Reputation Management Services

Not that long ago, the main method for obtaining feedback from patients was asking them to complete a comment card or having an office manager contact them. Today, review websites like Yelp and Google+ have changed the landscape of customer feedback. Dental practices that do not update their customer service methods to meet changing times are likely to discover their reputation has been tarnished after it’s too late. A single negative review posted online by an unhappy patient could cause your practice to lose search engine rankings, business, and your reputation.

Why Your Dental Practice Needs Online Reputation Management Services

For dental practices that have not considered the possible impact and importance of online reviews, it’s important to consider the way in which comments posted online can affect your practice’s customer satisfaction levels, website traffic, and the potential of new patients to entrust their dental health to your office. It’s widely recognized that one of the best marketing tools a dental practice has is word-of-mouth referrals.

Despite the popularity and prevalence of the internet, this remains true today. The difference is that patients now have a much broader platform for broadcasting their reviews than they did in the past. Previously, word-of-mouth referrals to the form of expressing opinions to family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. That could be dangerous enough, but such reviews weren’t likely to go viral.

Today, when a patient has something to say about your dental practice, they can do so on sites like Yelp.

In fact, when a prospective patient searches for your practice online, reviews posted on Yelp usually appear among the first five results on search engine results listings. This means that prospective patients will likely see whatever a patient has to say about your practice, whether it’s good or bad, as soon as they type the name of your practice in the search engine bar.

People who find primarily positive reviews about your practice will be more likely to click through and possibly even schedule an appointment. Conversely, prospective patients who discover negative reviews about your practice are more likely to keep looking and possibly will schedule an appointment with your competition.

Our reputation management services for dentists can help ensure that doesn’t happen.

There is no getting around the fact that you cannot please all patients. Regardless of how exceptional your customer service is and how wonderfully supportive your doctors and staff are, there will always be that one patient who is unhappy. Unfortunately, all it takes is for that one patient to broadcast it online to diminish the reputation of your dental practice. There is simply too much on the line for your practice to risk leaving negative reviews posted online unattended.

We Protect the Online Health of Your Dental Practice

We monitor the web for all social mentions and reviews of your practice to ensure that as soon as someone posts something negative about your practice, we know about it. Once we know about a possibly unhappy patient, we can then alert you and work with you to take the appropriate actions.

Due to healthcare regulations, there are restrictions as to how you can respond to a patient online, but that doesn’t mean you must simply ignore a comment that has the potential to damage your practice. There are steps you can take to mitigate the damage potentially caused by an unhappy patient who posts online.

Our goal is to monitor your practice’s online reputation and even improve it.

At one time, all your practice needed to be concerned about was getting patients in the door and then providing exceptional dental service. Today, the marketing landscape for your practice has changed. You must now be concerned about how your practice rates, how many stars it receives online, and how Google views your practice.

An astounding majority of consumers now say that trust an online recommendation just as much as an in-person recommendation. With our professional online reputation management services for dentists, we can effectively counter any negative feedback while acknowledging positive feedback. You have put a lot of effort into nurturing a successful dental practice. Your job is to protect your patient’s oral health. Our job is to protect your practice’s reputational health.