Online Reputation Management For Doctors

Doctors Reputation Management Services
As a physician, you have spent years completing your education and training. You cannot afford to have your reputation under attack. Our reputation management services for doctors are designed to protect your reputation at all times

Why Your Online Reputation Matters

A tremendous amount of your business is based on your reputation. According to a study conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers in 2013, nearly half of all Americans stated that they have read healthcare reviews. This means that millions of people are reading what other people have said about their doctors. Furthermore, they are taking those reviews into consideration when choosing a physician. The Pew Research Center found that more than a quarter of Americans follow other people’s health experiences online.

Regardless of whether you have an established practice, you are an individual practitioner, or you are just starting your profession as a physician, it’s imperative that you know what is being said about you online. Rather than just monitoring online reviews, we help you improve your reviews.

The most valuable asset you have as a doctor is your reputation.

The search results for your practice will have a significant impact on the decision a potential patient makes to schedule an appointment with you. From mitigating negative reviews to publishing positive reviews, we can help you maintain control of your online reputation. As reputation management experts, we have the expertise and tools necessary to meet your goals. With our services, you can ensure that you project a positive online presence while growing your practice.


As a medical practitioner or healthcare provider, you’ve worked hard every day to build your good reputation. But let’s be honest, you can’t please everyone and perhaps, there are some things that even you can’t control. No matter how you do things, ANYONE can write a bad review about you online and it is very difficult to get it removed – if not impossible.

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The Importance of Ethics in Earning Good Patient Reviews

Ethics are an important part of your profession. Those same ethics should be employed when it comes to earning good patient reviews. An unpleasant fact is that there are dissatisfied customers in every industry.

The same is true of the healthcare industry. While we recognize that it is likely you will have a dissatisfied patient from time to time, we also understand how to mitigate those negative reviews. Potential patients know you may have a complaint or two. That’s normal.

What’s more important than a couple of complaints is how your office responds to them. Whenever you do have a complaint, it’s important that your practice responds in a prompt, constructive, and respectful manner.

Unfortunately, patients who are happy with your care are less likely to post about it than patients who are unhappy.

Our specialized reputation management services for doctors can resolve this problem. In fact, we can actually encourage your patients to praise your services online. We are able to accomplish this by establishing a protocol to help your practice deal with unhappy patients privately.

Whenever you may have a patient who is less than happy with the care they have received, that should be handled offline – never online. Our strategic tools detect possible complainers before they air their complaints online. With this strategy, we make it possible for your practice to work with patients to resolve complaints in a constructive manner.

How We Encourage Improved Doctor Ratings

As part of our comprehensive online reputation management program for physicians, we monitor and optimize your online reviews for some of the most popular rating websites, including Google+ and Yelp.

Along with monitoring patient reviews on a daily basis, we also consolidate accounts, which gives us the opportunity to manage your practice’s online identity in a much more effective manner. Whenever a critical review of your practice is posted, we immediately alert you. At the same time, we also draft a response immediately for you to review prior to posting it.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management for Doctors With our reputation management services for doctors, we can provide your practice with a myriad of benefits:

Save Effort and Time Our unique approach ensures that reviews from all major rating and review sites can be captured quickly and easily. This helps to save an incredible amount of time while avoiding the need to individually check review sites. Your practice can also respond to reviews faster and in real-time.

Gain Valuable Feedback from Patients Our service gives you the ability to collect feedback from patients faster and easier. By engaging faster with patients, you will be able to demonstrate that your practice is interested in meeting their needs, thus enhancing the patient’s overall experience.