Online Reputation Management For Healthcare

Healthcare Reputation Management Services

What do your patients learn about your business when they perform a search for local healthcare online?

You might be surprised.

Today, an increasing number of consumers are shopping around for their healthcare providers. Given this trend, the balance of power has transitioned from healthcare providers to consumers. In this new marketplace, only those practices and organizations that take the time to carefully monitor their online reputations will be able to thrive.

Our experience in reputation management services for healthcare providers can give your practice or organization a range of benefits:

Assist Patients in Finding and Selecting You as Their Healthcare Provider

Consumers now have more options than ever. When a consumer begins a search for healthcare providers online today, they are likely to be inundated with numerous choices. If a patient discovers that your information is incomplete or inaccurate, you can imagine what will happen next. A consumer who could have been your next patient will move on to the next provider on the list. This makes it even more important for you to ensure that your business listings are up-to-date on major directories, such as Google. Doing so will assist your prospective patients in locating you more easily.

Attract New Patients Using Positive Online Reviews

Positive online reviews are more important to garnering new patients for your practice than you might think. Consumers today are looking for providers who will provide quality of care and pay attention to the details. Positive reviews can provide prospective patients with assurance that your practice can offer this level of care. Published online reviews can serve to set you apart from other providers.

Use Analytics to Improve Patient Experience

Feedback from patients is crucial to improving the overall patient experience. With the right analytics, you can gain instant feedback into what your patients have to say about your quality of care. By deploying the right analytics, you do not have to wait until a negative review is posted to learn that staff may need improved training or that your practice could benefit from operational improvements.

Engage Local Communities with Social Media Interaction

Strategic advertising and posting relevant content can go a long way toward engaging your local community. Many providers shy away from this level of interaction because they feel they simply do not have time for this level of commitment. With our online reputation management services, we can help you to keep your fingers on the pulse of your local community while saving you time and effort.

Understanding What You Can and Cannot Do with Online Reputation Management Services

Healthcare providers often fall into the trap of thinking there is nothing they can do if a patient posts a negative review online. This is actually not the case. While you cannot stop anyone from posting a less-than-flattering review online, there are some things you can do to take positive action when a patient slams your practice.

The process begins by evaluating the review carefully to determine whether there is any validity to the claim. Due to HIPAA laws, online reviews from patients cannot be responded to directly, but there are steps you can take without even acknowledging that the complainer might be a patient.

We can assist you in crafting a general statement reply that will demonstrate your concern without luring you into dangerous legal territory.

Comprehensive online reputation management services for healthcare providers can also help ensure that a simple misunderstanding does not develop into a public relations nightmare. You know how it begins. Something is miscommunicated in the office, and the next thing you know, it’s been posted online for the world to see. We can help mitigate these types of situations.

Whether you have a healthcare practice or organization that is well established or is just opening its doors, it is important to make certain you know what is being said at all times. As exhaustive as that might sound, we have the resources and the tools to assist you in carefully monitoring every mention of your firm or practice online. Let us worry about your online mentions while you focus on providing the highest level of care possible to your patients.