Top 10 Things to Know about Online Reputation Management

Today, businesses and individuals live in an entirely new landscape. Even one small comment posted online has the potential to destroy your reputation. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to manage your online reputation. Below, we present the top 10 things you need to know about online reputation management.

The Stakes Are High

Whether you are an individual or you own a business, the stakes are equally high. Approximately half of all consumers will choose not to make a purchase from a business based on information they find online. Likewise, half of all consumers could decide to do business with you based on the reviews they read online. A bad online reputation can easily impact your bottom line. As unfair as it might seem, the only way to rectify that problem is to fix it with online reputation management. The same is also true for individuals. Reputation management is not just for businesses. As beneficial as the internet can be, it can also be vicious. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, there is a wealth of once private information that can be obtained online. All of this information has the potential to damage your business. Online reputation management services can help.

There’s Nowhere to Hide Online

Many people make the mistake of thinking they can be anonymous online. This is absolutely not true. Everything that you do online can have an impact on your reputation. From blog posts to comments on social media posts to public legal documents, it is all part of your online reputation, and it all matters. Even if something is blatantly untrue, if it is posted about you online, it’s there for the entire world to see. Powerful search engine algorithms have made it incredibly easy for even novices to dig up practically anything online within just a few minutes. Hiring managers, employers, love interests, business partners, and your new neighbors can all find everything you’ve done online.

Ignoring It Is Not the Solution

One of the more common mistakes that many people make with online reputation management is trying to ignore the problem. This does not make the problem go away, however.

You Can Fix Your Reputation Online

As frightening as this prospect might sound, there are steps you can take to repair your reputation online in the event that there is negative information. The first step is to identify the problem by finding the information that you would rather not have other people see.

You Can’t Remove Everything

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the solution is as simple as removing negative information. This is actually not the case. As nice as it would be, the solution to online reputation management is not removing the negative information.

Emotion Should Stay Out of It

Many people try to combat negative information online by responding in anger. You should never respond to negative comments or reviews when you are feeling emotional.

The Best Way to Combat Negative Information Is with Positive Information

One of the best ways to combat negative information that may be posted about you online is to counteract it with positive information. The more positive information you have posted about you online, the easier it will be to push the negative information further down in search engine results.

Online Reputation Management Should Be Ongoing

Do not expect online reputation management to be a one-time step. To be truly effective, online reputation management should be an ongoing effort. Once you have suppressed or removed negative information, it is important that you continue monitoring content actively while continually producing positive content.

You May Need Professional Help

Online reputation management is time consuming and demanding. You need to be able to devote time to it on a daily basis and have the right skillset. The reality is that you may not have the time necessary to handle it on your own, which could mean bringing in professional assistance.

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