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The US Lead Network specializes in cutting-edge, modern website design services for drug and alcohol rehab centers. 

Get the unique look that fits your practice with compelling call-to-action that will yield higher patient acquisition.

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If you want to get the word out about your rehabilitation center, you will need a great website. However, building a high-quality site that resonates with prospective patients and represents your brand in a positive light is extremely time-consuming–especially if you have never designed your own site before.

Despite this fact, many addiction treatment facilities are concerned about outsourcing their web design needs. This concern comes as no surprise, as many marketing firms do not understand the unique requirements of medical professionals, such as those working in the drug rehab and addiction treatment verticals.

Fortunately, the US Lead Network does! Our agency was created by physician David Greene, MD, MBA. Over the past 10 years, he and our team of talented web designers and developers have become specialized in marketing solutions for the healthcare industry, including addiction treatment website design.

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    Our account management team will work hand-in-hand with you to identify your needs and goals. They will provide you with an innovative website that performs superior to your competition, has a modern look and feel that fits your clinic’s theme, and drives consistent patient conversions. 

    If you want to learn more or are ready to schedule a consultation with one of our web development professionals, contact us today! Together, we can expand your reach and help you provide valuable rehab services to people suffering from addiction.

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    Addiction Treatment Center Web Design Services

    At US Lead Network, we use the custom WordPress platform for our addiction treatment website development services. This widely-used and popular web design platform allows for easy site management. Our team can regularly update your webpage with fresh new content and compelling imagery that will keep you at the top of search engine results pages.

    We will meticulously plot out every single pixel of your custom website. This approach ensures that you can set a great first impression with prospective patients. As a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in advertising for medical professionals, US Lead Network knows what it takes to get you noticed on the world wide web. Whether you are looking to replace your existing website or need us to build a new digital platform from the ground up, we have the team, resources and know-how to effectively craft your vision.

    In addition, our team will ensure that your new site is mobile-friendly. This consideration is especially important, as many prospective clients (on average, over 50% view on mobile devices) browse the web exclusively from their smartphones. If you are using a site not optimized for mobile responsiveness, you are missing out on more than half of potential web traffic.

    Ready to learn more about our website design for addiction treatment centers? If so, contact us today. We look forward to providing your addiction treatment facility with a custom website that will produce real results!

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    US Lead Network: The Premier Addiction Treatment Website Design Agency

    US Lead Network is a premier addiction treatment website design company because we leave no stone unturned when it comes time to create your site. We address every component of the user experience, including:


    A visually appealing website, even if it is packed with great content, will not live up to its full potential unless it is easy to navigate. When visiting your site, prospective patients or referrers looking for drug or alcohol rehab should be guided to the information that they are seeking. 

    All tabs and menus must be visible and easy to interact with. Otherwise, your viewers may quickly leave the site and move on to the next result in the search engine.

    US Lead Network will help you avoid this common issue by designing your addiction treatment website with the user in mind. We will ensure that the site looks modern and appealing while also being easy to navigate. The entire site will be constructed in a way that draws prospective patients to stay on it and encourages them to schedule a consultation with your intake specialists.


    Every time an individual visits your website, they are coming there with a specific purpose. They may be seeking addiction treatment on your website or might just want to learn more about your services. Regardless of why they click on your page, it is important that they are presented with relevant, compelling information once they get there.

    Dr. David Greene, a medical professional, founded US Lead Network with the intent of helping other care providers better connect with their patients. As a result, our web design team understands what types of content will appeal to users. They will make sure that your site contains verbiage which is relevant for all kinds and types of visitors.

    Those seeking specific information will be able to easily locate blogs and other data suitable to their inquiries. We will also ensure that prospective patients who are seeking care can efficiently find the contact information for your clinic. Your website will be purpose-built and designed to serve your valuable viewers and further the mission of your addiction treatment facility.

    Ease of Use

    US Lead Network is known for producing unique and modernized websites that are also easy to use. We will make certain that your site can accommodate all prospective patients, regardless of their proficiency with technology. Your site will be intuitively designed, which will allow viewers to easily accomplish their search and selection.


    Accessibility is another key component of web design. US Lead Network’s web design team will provide you with an addiction rehab treatment site that is highly accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. 

    This extra attention to detail will extend your reach even further, ensuring that anyone struggling with addiction can access your content, including those with visual or auditory impairments.

    Visual Appeal

    Our addiction treatment website design agency will create a visually striking website. We will use images and color schemes that are sure to catch the eye of prospective patients and match your clinic’s theme. Our designers will carefully select images that are both professional and appealing to website guests. 

    This tactic will help you set an impactful first impression while keeping visitors interested long enough to read our expertly crafted SEO content with compelling call-to-action. The result of this “stickiness” is the likelihood of more web visitors turning into patients at your clinic.

    Why Choose Us?

    US Lead Network has helped providers within the healthcare industry for over a decade. Our addiction treatment web design and development services are created specifically for providers that offer rehabilitation services.

    We understand the marketing challenges within the addiction treatment (drug and alcohol rehab) space and have assisted clients in navigating past those barriers to patient acquisition.

    One of the biggest characteristics that make us different from a standard web design agency is our attention to detail with each of our clients and their set list of expectations and vision. We leave no stone unturned in this regard and will work efficiently to deliver a final product that you’ll be proud of and that will be influential to your relevant audience.

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    Responsive Drug & Alcohol Rehab Website Design Solutions

    Top search engines, like Google, now analyze a website’s load speed and performance when ranking pages. This deep analysis means that your website must be responsive if you want to have the possibility of making it onto page one of the search.

    US Lead Network will design your custom addiction treatment website using the WordPress platform. We will create a site that is responsive so that you are not impaired by this new ranking criteria. Our team also offers other comprehensive marketing solutions, including organic addiction treatment SEO .

    When combined with our addiction treatment website development, these other services can drastically enhance your online presence. This approach means that you can attract new prospective patients to help them overcome addiction.

    What Makes a Great Website?

    Have you found yourself wondering, “what makes a great website?” If so, then trust us; you are not alone. Many of our clients are at a loss when it comes to designing their own sites. They have often endured a series of trial and error, only to find that their site is producing lackluster results.

    US Lead Network can provide your addiction treatment center with a custom website that generates leads and improves conversions. This solution allows you to focus on what you do best: helping those in need.

    When you partner with us, one of our experienced consultants will take the time to learn more about your business. Then they will then get to work creating your custom addiction treatment center website that exceeds expectations. 

    You’ll see first-hand that we will continue consistently and provide regular updates in order to keep you in the loop of tasks completed and what is coming next. Our dedication to the final product is evident in the long tenure we maintain with clients who trust our expertise in the website design sector of addiction treatment.

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    Benefits of Our Addiction Treatment Website Design Services

    US Lead Network’s addiction treatment center website design solutions offer many benefits, including:

    Staying Connected with Patients

    A user-friendly and visually appealing website is an excellent way of staying connected with patients. Whether an individual is preparing to start treatment or has just completed their rehabilitation program, a website can be a valuable resource on their road to recovery. 

    Your addiction treatment website will also be useful for relatives of patients, as they can easily find information such as visiting hours, facility location, staff profiles, and more.

    US Lead Network will design your website in accordance with your goals and needs. We can include various materials that your patients can easily access, including blogs, medical forms, testimonials and encouraging content.

    Attracting New Patients

    The primary benefit of your custom website is that it will attract a consistent flow of traffic which yields new patients. US Lead Network will create a site that is visually appealing and easy to use. Guests to your site will be able to quickly locate information about your services and get in contact with your staff. 

    Each page of your site will gently draw users into your marketing funnel while also connecting them with the services they need.

    Setting Yourself Apart from the Competition

    Most modern users, including those seeking addiction treatment, rely on the internet to research the services they need. A lack of an online presence means that many prospective patients will instead turn to your competitors.

    US Lead Network will give you a competitive edge by providing you with a custom addiction treatment center website. Your new site will significantly improve your online visibility. We will make it easy for patients to learn about your services so that you have a chance to help them overcome addiction.  

    Protecting Your Market Share

    Before you can grow your clinic to an influential level, you must first protect your existing market share. In our increasingly digitized marketplace, having a powerful website is the most effective way of doing just that

    The world wide web is where prospective patients assess their options–which is why you should take advantage of US Lead Network’s website design for addiction treatment centers.

    With our help, you will be better equipped to maintain your current market share. When you are ready to expand, we will deploy proven digital marketing tactics to help you grow.

    Strengthening Your Professional Reputation

    In the healthcare industry, your professional reputation is everything. A lackluster online presence can give prospective patients a negative impression of your rehab center. US Lead Network will help you educate prospective patients on your skills and talents. We will compellingly tell your story to intrigue site visitors and strengthen your brand.

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    Contact Our Addiction Treatment Web Design Agency

    US Lead Network is the clear choice when you need website design for your drug or alcohol addiction treatment center. Our experts provide our clients with custom websites that are tailored to meet their needs. 

    These sites will be visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly. This approach leaves our clients with a strong online presence that will attract prospective patients to reach out and take action.

    In addition to custom addiction treatment center website design, US Lead Network provides services including:

    • PPC Campaign Management
    • Organic Search Engine Optimization
    • Reputation Management
    • Custom Link Building

    US Lead Network provides our clients with a full array of services designed to produce measurable results. Our addiction treatment center website design is just the start. 

    Once we build your custom site, we will fill it with the right marketing message to generate quantitative results. This marketing effort will lead to an impressive ROI that you can track with real-time dashboard reporting.

    So what are you waiting for? Let US Lead Network build a custom, high-performing website for your addiction treatment center. If you would like to learn more about what US Lead Network can do for your addiction treatment center, we invite you to get in touch with us today. 

    We use proven strategies that will drive traffic to your site and, most importantly, increase your patient acquisition. That’s how we’ve maintained our status as a premium web design agency for addiction treatment centers. 

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