What are Custom Links?

It is well known that achieving backlinks to your website is a critical component of achieving first page rankings for Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, the quality of those links needs to be researched and carefully selected.

When the search engines evaluate your backlink profile, they evaluate how relevant the websites are to your industry. For instance, getting backlinks from a real estate website to your medical website will not help at all, and may penalize your site.

Here are key points on custom link building and how it can make or break your healthcare website’s first page rankings.

Quality vs Quantity

When building a custom link portfolio, quality versus quantity is our motto. This phrase is accurate because, unlike other cookie-cutter link building strategies, custom links are powerful and you need less to achieve more in terms of natural rankings as well as overall authority passed to your website. Our team has over 10 year experience acquiring thousands of these types of links for all types of websites and verticals. Why is this type of custom link building so effective? Read on to learn more.

Highly Relevant

Relevancy plays a significant role in achieving higher authority in search engines. Unlike other cheap and dangerous tactics where link companies place your website link on an irrelevant website and/or inside of a box or paragraph crammed with links to other customer sites in random sectors, we target fresh potential partner websites which rank for similar terms.

This more tedious and calculated method ensures your website stays within standard natural growth guidelines, which search engines are considering more every day, when they factor rankings.

Proven Power

Custom links, specifically homepage links on relevant websites, have long been known to be the “cream of the crop” when it comes to natural website promotion. They are also the most difficult to acquire due to the many steps (please see Our Process[LINK to Our Process page] page for more details) and time it takes to convert. It’s not uncommon for a stagnant website to jump 1-3 pages in a matter of four to eight weeks with a proper level campaign.

Our proven methods focus on link growth consistency with thorough potential partner research and analysis which equates into a formidable and effective result for clients in all types of sectors.

While it’s not the only type or way we consider when acquiring new custom links, our team is experienced in potential partner site analysis to specifically target homepage or top interior page content for our client info. What this means is we have years of experience in negotiating with new partner sites to add transitional content that keeps the flow and subject matter consistent with the page. In other words; skillfully including a short, relevant description and link to our client website. By doing this, we help to “blend in” our client info to the partner site and thus achieve a natural appearing addition to the content, whereby ensuring short and long term passing of authority. This high level application also looks as if the partner website owner may have added the info on his/her own accord and thus helps to establish a client’s site instead of flag it; should it be manually reviewed.

No Footprint Left

Unlike other link companies who take short cuts at the risk of their client’s website rankings and potential ban/penalty, we have never and will never use footprints for our client’s information that is in the code of the partner’s website. Each of our client programs have their very own reporting and strategy that is not part of a network or attached to any of our other client’s programs. We never recycle or use a partner site for 2 or more of our clients. This guarantees that our promotion techniques are fresh and unique for every client and thus take the natural approach and full effect in garnering rankings.

Free Custom Consultation

If you are interested in our services and would like a free quote or to get started with one of our programs, please either call our USA office at the phone number in the top right of our website or fill out our quick contact form on our Contact Us page and one of our marketing specialists will get back to you the same day during business hours.

Our Process:

How It All Works

The biggest difference of custom link building versus spammy, cookie-cutter marketing strategies is the calculated effort and absorption of time required to effectively achieve full potential. This is a complex and customized approach that requires a knowledgeable team to correctly execute. Below is a step-by-step overview of what can be expected with our unique and powerful promotion programs.

  • Kick Off Call
  • Research Phase
  • Outreach
  • Acquisition Phase
  • Review Phase
  • Reporting Phase
  • Management Phase
  • - Kick Off Call

    Stage One

    It begins with a kick off call with the client website representative and one of our link building specialists. In this call, we’ll ask specific questions to the client to better understand the history of their site, age, previous marketing strategies, top competitors in their vertical and what their natural rankings goals are short and long term.

  • - Research Phase

    Stage Two

    From this informative initial call, our team will then review the notes taken and conduct a thorough analysis of client’s sector and website. This involves keyword research and website content and code examination. With this information complete, we will then create a unique and customized list of relevant keyword phrases that will be used to identify potential website partners to contact in our outreach stage.

  • - Outreach

    Stage Three

    Our team spends a considerable amount of time and effort in the outreach phase to construct a list of relevant potential website partners. Usually numbering in the multiple hundreds, we then professionally reach out to these websites in an effort to establish a partnership wherein the new partner agrees to place our client website info on their page. This process requires a high level of knowledge and communication, which our team possess, in order for a potential to convert into a new partner website.

  • - Acquisition Phase

    Stage Four

    Once our team has established interested potential website partners, they will ensure that the responding parties are communicated with consistently through our proprietary process of becoming a website partner. Typically it will involve phone calls, extensive email communication as well as troubleshooting if the new partner is particular in where our client info will be displayed on their website. This is a very sensitive process. Our team are experts in providing smooth and timely responses. They are experienced in giving knowledgeable suggestions with the goal of keeping the flow of the partner’s website while the new info being placed is exponentially beneficial for our client’s website authority.

  • - Review Phase

    Stage Five

    When we receive confirmation of a new potential website partner that has placed our suggested info on their website, we extensively review the page it is located on to ensure it meets our requirements. One of the requirements is that the link that is pointed to our client website be a Do-Follow link. It is quite common for new website partners to make changes to what we’d initially proposed for the info on their website. When this happens, our diligent review team will respectfully request that the website partner adhere to our original suggestions and we can almost always alleviate any issue.

  • - Reporting Phase

    Stage Six

    After the review phase is finished and we approve a new website partner’s info on their page, we will then catalog the specific information for our client. Depending on the program our client chose (Bronze, Gold or Platinum), we will provide a report either after the program’s number of partners are achieved or after a set of 10 have been completed. These reports will show the exact page our client’s website is on as well as other page quality details.

  • - Management Phase

    Stage Seven

    Our custom link building programs are designed to be continued long term to achieve the highest level of authority and rankings potential passed to our client’s website. This means that we will manage the existing relationships we’ve cultivated with each of the website partners so that they continue to ensure our info on their site pages stays active. This process involves us manually reviewing partner sites consistently to ensure they make no changes in the front end or code of their site that could in any way change what we agreed to initially when they were confirmed as a partner. Additionally, we communicate on behalf of our client’s should the partner have any updates that relate to their website.

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