Regenerative medicine has exploded in popularity over the past decade worldwide. Why? Finally, there are clinical applications for its use, and patients are benefiting from the procedures as an excellent alternative to a potentially risky surgery.

Along with regenerative medicine becoming mainstream, the competition for patient acquisition has heated up as well. Effective regenerative medicine marketing involves an approach that is a combination of aesthetics, brains and psychology. 
Most regenerative medicine marketing companies don’t know how to effectively deploy campaigns that combine the essential elements of what makes a prospect respond and become a patient.
Allow me to explain. For the past 8 years, R3 Stem Cell Marketing has been working with practices around the world on patient acquisition. We’ve learned so many things in that time, and currently generate several thousand viable sales leads every month using tried and true techniques that resonate well.
First of all, you need to understand that prospects do NOT care so much about YOU. What they really care about is what YOU can do for THEM! That means every online regenerative medicine marketing message you convey needs to be focused on just that. Which means focusing on the patient BENEFITS up front, and NOT the FEATURES of your clinic.
For example, I’ve heard many times from providers that they want to feature their Board Certifications, or a certain software being used, or how many years of experience they have. While these are great FEATURES of the practice, they are secondary to what patients really want to hear

Patients want to know things like this:

  • How will my life change after treatment? Will I be able to play golf pain free, walk my dog every day, do more gardening, etc?
  • Can I avoid surgery with the treatment?
  • Is it safer than other options?
Notice that none of these questions up front involve FEATURES? Those are secondary in a patient’s mind as he or she gains the initial interest. So by harping on the BENEFITS to prospects, your regenerative medicine marketing will be much more effective at breaking through the “noise” and engaging.
In the regenerative medicine digital marketing space, opportunities abound where you can obtain viable sales leads. One of the main things that providers often don’t understand is typically just how difficult it is to gain a patient’s business. Why? Studies show that only 1 in 20 people who visit your website from a paid ad will actually make contact with you on that first exposure. That’s terrible right?
The numbers are NOT great, however, that’s when the work really begins! In order to fully open the door and get a patient to walk through it, you then need to cultivate that person’s interest. That is accomplished by a broad net being cast which may include free download, video marketing, email marketing and showing the prospect your Value Proposition.
In the world of regenerative marketing, since most procedures involve an out of pocket expense, salesmanship is key. This means that marketing based mainly on price is a terrible idea! You need to understand what makes your practice the BEST option for a prospect to receive care, and then convey that in your marketing as a consistent message.
So to recap so far you use benefits to the patient for breaking through the noise and generating the initial interest. Then you will need to offer the prospect something such as a piece of education or a special offer that continues to cultivate their interest. One example would be to let the patient know you provide a full regenerative program instead of just a procedure. That each patient receives additional PRP injections, supplements, PT, etc.
R3 Stem Cell Marketing works with regenerative practices frequently on molding the value proposition to increase prospect conversions. We also have very good phone scripts and sales training to help practices maintain a more standard operating procedure to increase procedure conversions. What good is getting a lot of great sales leads if the folks at the practice are turning them off?
Effective online marketing for regenerative medicine patients involves what I call “multiple touch points”. This may mean a Facebook ad, followed up by a repeat ad, an email and then an in person seminar. R3 Stem Cell Marketing knows exactly how great in person seminars can work, so we have a complete system for marketing those.
Another individual may come to the website from a search engine click, and then download a Consumer Guide. Then they are part of your email drip automation, where you send out a success story involving someone who did well from the exact problem they have. After about 5 “touch points”, they call for an appointment.

In conclusion, effective regenerative medicine marketing involves a multi-faceted approach for the best outcomes. Prospective patients need to be “evoked” with an emotional ad that focuses on benefits, and then cultivated in order to show them your unique value proposition that makes them trust you.

When done properly, online regenerative medicine marketing works great. Call US Lead Network TODAY to get started on an effective medical lead generation campaign.
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