Drug and alcohol addiction affects over 25 million Americans, with 10% of those over age 12 battling some sort of addiction. This may include illicit or prescription drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, or a combination with a mental health issue often being concomitant.

Unfortunately SAMSHA reports that only 11% of addicts actually receive the addiction treatment needed, which still amounts to over 2.5 million drug and alcohol rehab admissions annually. This may include treatment at a medical detox facility, inpatient rehab center, and.or an intensive outpatient addiction treatment center.

Competition for Patients with Drug and Alcohol Rehab Marketing

If you own an addiction treatment facility that is licensed for any of the above service options, how do you ensure that your Center is in the mix for receiving patients and achieving a full census (or close to it). Nationwide there are thousands of addiction treatment centers, each vying for patients that have the best insurance. Often, drug rehab centers are marketing nationwide as well, not just in their own region! The answer to effective patient acquisition  lies within the alcohol and drug rehab marketing with US Lead Network!

For years, US Lead Network has been working with addiction centers nationwide on drug and alcohol rehab marketing campaigns that are ethical, content heavy and focused on the end result = ADMISSIONS. With over 15 digital marketing techniques being used to help you acquire addiction patients for admission, clients maintain access to their own custom dashboard showing results of each campaign.

Online Drug Rehab Marketing Techniques

Savvy addiction centers understand that there is no “silver bullet” when it comes to effective patient acquisition techniques online. Not only is drug and alcohol rehab marketing competitive, it often takes several exposures to your center’s “brand message” to then obtain a viable sales lead. Those with an addiction issue often do not make contact after seeing your ad for the first time. So remarketing is critical! 
With over a decade of experience in medical digital marketing working with hundreds of healthcare practices and Centers, US Lead Network understands how to gain results for clients. Meaning filling up your beds by deploying cost effective addiction treatment marketing. Clients not only have regular meetings with a dedicated campaign manager, but also access to the Dashboard which will show how many leads are being generated for your addiction center!
To most online medical marketing companies, the key indicators simply involve website traffic and keyword rankings. But what does that really tell you? Not enough! What you REALLY need to know is how many viable patient leads are being generated, and what is the cost per lead??
It all starts with understanding the unique value proposition that your Center offers, so we can position your message properly and set you apart from the competition. Knowing that people make most decisions through emotion first and back it up with logo later, US Lead Network will help evoke those emotions with your web visitors to generate viable sales leads. 

Video Marketing for Addiction Treatment Centers

How is this accomplished? One of the best ways is through imagery, either photographically or with video. US Lead Network has a professional photographer and videographer, who will come to your Center for a day and film success stories, your providers, and then edit those professionally for use on your website, social media and advertising. 
Along with videos and still images, whiteboard animations, also known as explainer videos, really capture the attention of web visitors. In a fun, catchy way, the whiteboard videos are able to get your message across effectively, while also promoting your Center nicely with your unique value proposition being front and center. 

Did you know that that second most common search engine worldwide is YouTube? Right behind Google! Video content is necessary with current search engine algorithms to achieve top rankings. If you aren’t investing in captivating video content, then you ARE missing the boat! We have a professional photographer/videographer on staff, with the cost of a full day shoot being rolled into client monthly fees for the most part. Who else offers that??

Custom Website Creation for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Did you know that the following website marketing techniques can make a humongous difference in whether or not a web visitor picks up the phone to call you, or simply leaves the site within 10 seconds?
  • Color Scheme
  • Ease of Site Navigation
  • Website Layout
  • Your Immediate Call to Action
  • Social Proof
The average attention span of Americans is at an all time low, so your website needs to grab attention right away! When it comes to addiction center marketing, there are several audiences that need catering to, including the addict him/herself, relatives, employers or friends. Do you have content that is geared towards each audience? And is it readily accessible in an easy way on the website? We make sure your website is full of great content, aesthetically pleasing and laid out according to how one’s eyes move across the page. Also, we use heat maps to show you where web visitors are focusing!
US Lead Network’s design team will create an appealing website that is custom for your Center. It will look fantastic on any device, and coded specifically so that search engines will easily crawl it for rankings. Our content team writes thousands of web pages annually and all content is unique, accurate and written for prospective patients.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Marketing for Addiction Facilities

For the past few years, US Lead Network has been using Artificial Intelligence to gain insights into what is working best online for drug rehab marketing techniques. This involves a technique called Conversational Analytics, where each phone call is recorded (with caller notification), and the AI machine transcribes and evaluates EACH call. The leads are then scored accurately, and our teams then work with the data to perform attribution on the following:

  • Geography of the best leads.
  • Keywords that are working the best.
  • Days/Times that perform best.
  • Which pages are performing.
  • Other variables that are statistically significant.

In addition to using Artificial Intelligence to optimize your drug and alcohol rehab marketing spend, US Lead Network also has perfected several phone scripts for Centers to incorporate if desired. What good is it to generate great prospective patient leads, if your staff doesn’t know how to effectively convert them?

Content Writing for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

The search engines love websites that act like a “living, breathing entity”. What does that mean? Well, if your website is static and no content is being added on a regular basis, then your rankings will definitely suffer. However, if there is steady blogging along with new content such as city specific pages, the search engines will see this and come back more frequently. Rankings will definitely rise in those situations!
Not only do search engines want to see quality content, but they also look at word counts now. Gone are the days where you can have 200-300 word web pages or blog posts and rank really well. Typical word counts now exceed 700 words, and our writers typically exceed 1000!

Custom Backlinks for Your Rehab Website

In addition to continuously adding solid content on your drug and alcohol rehab center website, the search engines look at your backlink profile. If your website is connected to a lot of high ranking, credible websites, then your rankings will improve as a result. But it is critical to spend considerable time cultivating backlinks that are authoritative and not from a “link farm”. For years, US Lead Network has maintained a Custom Backlink Team that maintains outreach to these credible, authoritative sites that will dramatically help your website’s rankings.

For instance, does your addiction website have ANY rankings from .edu websites? Meaning education websites of Universities, which tend to be very highly thought of by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Probably not! US Lead Network has a program with its Custom Backlink Team where you will receive over a hundred .edu backlinks. If you have been having a tough time reaching the first pages of Google and Bing against your competitors, then contact us and this program will solve that problem! The authority and credibility from those .edu websites will transfer to YOUR drug and alcohol rehab center website.


Pay Per Click Professionals for Your Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Marketing

Along with increasing traffic to your website and helping with conversions, US Lead Network also maintains a team of Adwords Certified pay per click professionals. If you haven’t yet achieved LegitScript certification, we will help you with that. And then it’s important to comply with their program to maintain certification. Otherwise, advertising on Google and Facebook becomes extremely difficult (if not impossible).
We will assist with your LegitScript Certification, and then implement first rate campaigns that use the AI powered marketing to figure out what is working best for conversions. That will significantly lower your cost per lead, which in turn will lower your cost for admission!

Digital Marketing Chaos... Organized and Simplified

As mentioned, there isn’t a single drug rehab online marketing method that by itself is effective. To fill up your beds, you need a comprehensive digital campaign with quite a few digital mediums being used to reach prospective patients several times. While this may seem like “chaos” when you see all the different techniques being used, US Lead Network organizes the campaigns succinctly into your custom dashboard. You will be able to see all KPI’s such as spend, leads being generated, lead scores, what’s producing the best leads and so on. Not only is it transparent, it is actionable!

Call US Lead Network today for a free audit and action plan for your addiction center’s online marketing success.

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